Where I stand on the 2nd Amendment

Where I stand on the 2nd Amendment

Many people have reached out to me to ask where I stand on the 2nd Amendment.   If elected Warren County & Surrogate’s Court Judge, I intend to remove the Warren County requirements that are currently in place that are stricter than NY State Law.  I believe that if someone passes a thorough background check and meets all of the necessary requirements, they should be issued an unrestricted permit as detailed in Article 400 of the New York State Penal Law.

New York has recently taken action to try to make the background check more effective, by extending the waiting period to purchase a handgun to up to 30 days.  The following is from the governor.ny.gov website:

Extending the Background Check Waiting Period

Current federal law requires gun dealers to conduct a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background check on a potential purchaser prior to selling a firearm, which immediately provides the dealer with one of three possible notifications. These notifications include “proceed,” “denied,” or “delayed.” In the case of a “delayed” response, the dealer must wait three days before completing the sale. The FBI may continue to investigate the individual past the three-day timeframe but oftentimes by the time law enforcement has determined that the potential purchaser is ineligible, the sale has already been completed. By extending the waiting period up to 30 days, law enforcement is provided with sufficient time to complete a background check and help ensure that only those eligible to purchase and own a firearm are able to do so.

In conclusion:  As a County Court Judge, I do not intend to make Warren County have restrictions that are more severe than in the rest of the state.  I will not impose any additional restrictions/waiting periods, because I feel that is the job of the legislature.